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All you need is here in order to deal with COVID-19!

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All you need is here in order to deal with COVID-19!

Issue Time:2020/03/25
In order to cope with CDVID,Goodwood is producing transport swab and flocking swab at full capacity to cope with the increasing demand for COVID detection supplies.

Goodwood has been committed to the production of medical consumables for many years, and is the cooperative supplier of many large medical institutions, with stable production capacity and high reputation.

Goodwood's transport swab and flocking swab are certified by CE and FDA, and the product quality conforms to the testing standards.As COVID raged, Goodwood responded to customer demand by producing at full capacity, hoping to do its part to calm COVID.

If you are worried about the lack of transport swab and flocking swab for COVID detection, please feel free to contact us at any time and send us an email.
Goodwood's email address is and we will address your needs as quickly as possible.

We can provide test swabs, surgical masks, protective clothing, etc.

Sterile Oropharynx Flocking Swab
Transport Swab
Sterile Nasopharyngeal Flocking
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