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Happy New Year, 2019!

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Happy New Year, 2019!

Jan 2,2019
Happy New Year, 2019!

January 1, 2019, Goodwood website upgrade is completed, Goodwood will bring you more professional services in products.

Goodwood 2019 Happy New Year
Foam Tip PP Rod Disposable Sterile Swab For Virus Detection length 150mm Breakpoint 80mm
Goodwood's Sterile paper plastic wrapped | 100bag/box 10box/ctn MOQ:100ctn Total length 78/100/150mm Breakpoint 80mm
Polyester Tipped Applicator Wooden/PP Shaft Non-sterile/Sterile Disposable Cotton Swab
Goodwood's Swab for diagnostic testing/Specimen collection/Cell collection/Gynecological screening/Industrial surface testing
Sterile Nasopharyngeal Flocking Swab with Transport Tube Universal Viral Transport Swabs
Goodwood's Oropharynx Flocking Swab | Sterile,PP Transport Tube | 100Pcs/Box MOQ:100ctn | 7 Days After Full Payment
Cotton Tipped Applicator Wooden Shaft Cotton Swab Non-Sterile/Sterile Disposable Cotton swab
Goodwood's main products are wooden tongue depressor, all kinds of cotton swabs, wooden sampling templates and other products.
Goodwood 2019 Happy New Year,Goodwood wooden cotton swab
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