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Goodwood Medical Care

Goodwood Medical Care ltd focuses on the production of disposable wood consumables for 21 years, is currently the industry leader.

Themain products are wooden tongue depressor, all kinds of cotton swabs, woodensampling templates and other products.

Atpresent, our products have CE certification, FDA registration, and the qualitycontrol system is implemented according to ISO13485. The implementationstandards of human rights are SA8000, BSCI, etc.

Overthe years,Goodwood has accumulated a mature production process, a soundmanagement system, a healthy financial situation, and the gathering of allproduction links of outstanding operators.

We look forward to working with more high-endcustomers.

Development Path

In 2000
In 2003
There were more than 50 importers of medical devices from all over the world.
In 2003
We have participated in medical exhibitions organized by various countries every year and achieved remarkable results.
In 2004
Our company passed the certification of ISO13485 and CE certified by TUV and FDA certification in the United States.
In 2005
We established a company platform in Alibaba.
In 2008
Automatic packaging machine equipped with tongue depressor and cotton swab.
In 2008
We also set up the ETO sterilization center.
In 2012
We have more than 100 employees, including more than 20 professional and technical personnel.
In 2013
We have established stable partnerships with customers from Europe, the United States, the Middle East, East Asia and South America.
In 2017
The company's annual sales are also increasing year by year, with annual sales exceeding 15 million US dollars.

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